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Evian historical tour

From the tourist office a tour with informations about the histiry of Evian from Middle age to the beiginning of the 20th century
You can have a free map atthe Tourist Office.

Evian guided tours

For individuals or groups with a Patrimony Guide
Please book before at the Tourist Office
About 2 hours walking.
Office de tourisme d'Evian
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Little sightseeing train

Commented tours of the town on a little train
Only from May to September
Tél : 04 50 70 15 44

The funicular railway


Water gardens, the Pré Curieux

Located on the llakeside, at the western entry of Evian, the property includes a charming colonial style house with its 3.5 hectare wooded parkland spreading out from it.
Access only by boat and with a reservation
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Yvoire, mediaval village ( 25 km from Evian)

A medieval walled village on the French shore of the lake Leman. History unfolds before you as you enter the fortified village with its houses of stone, its architecture, its exceptional floral displays...
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Le château de Ripaille (à 8 km d'Evian)

Castle from the XVth century
Guided tours
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Genève, international town (45km from Evian)

Town of arts and culture. Numerous museums, international organizations, parks...
Geneva tourist office
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Lausanne, ville culturelle, capitale olympique

At 35minutes from Evian by boat.
Old town, museums...
Lausanne tourist office
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Château de Chillon

One of Europe's most fascinating castles situated in a unique natural setting by the banks of lake Geneva.
INformations :
Tél : 00 41 21 966 89 10
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Crédits photos
: OT Evian, Pré Curieux, OT Yvoire, LT - Bernard H.Bissat, AMAeschlimann, Château de Chillon, Côté Lac.